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phantom-blanc_2xphantom-blanc_2 flipWhatever your technology needs, Tech Hampton can help. From Audio and TV installations, Smart Home and Cameras to whole home or office indoor and outdoor Wifi installations along with comprehensive Mac and Windows support – it all goes to show that Tech Hampton is the simplest decision you can make!

TV Installations

TV Installations

Not only do we install TVs, we will hide all of the ugly wires and equipment – leaving a clean, fresh look for your home.

WiFi Installations

WiFi Installations

We have the software to analyze and improve your existing signal around your home or business – including outdoors.

I.T. Support

I.T. Support

Whether you are Mac or PC, Android or iOS we can support any technology you have – really, we can!

Affordable Smart Home Control

Home Automation Consultation • Smart Automated Lighting • Water/leak, Smoke & CO • Door/Window notifications • Lock and garage control • Whole-Home audio • Online camera and video doorbell monitoring • Local Camera monitoring and DVR System • Smart Thermostat • HD Security Cameras • Door/Window Contacts • Motion Sensors • 24/7 Self-Monitoring

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Whatever your next tech project, we are happy to discuss and help you make the right technology decisions. If you need to call, email or to drop us a line (or want to send some tech goodies!) please use our business address in East Hampton, New York.

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